Cuisinart BFP603U 2-in-1 Prep & Blend, Silver





The cleverly designed BFP603U 2 in 1 Prep & Blend from Cuisinart has both blending and food processing attachments, allowing you to grate, chop, slice, whip, blend and mix, all in one machine. It has smooth and stylish aluminium housing and ultra sharp blades for great performance every time. Food preparation is easy with the compact processing attachment that has a range of accessories for chopping, mixing, slicing, grating and whipping. You can easily switch to the robust 1.5L glass jar blending attachment that is designed to handle tougher tasks like crushing ice to blending soups and smoothies. The 2 in 1 Prep and Blend has high-quality blade assembly with an ultra sharp stainless steel chopping and mixing blade, ideal for preparing chopped ingredients, and mixing sauces and dressings. The unit also has a reversible slicing and grating disc for fine grating or for perfect 2mm slices. There is also a whipping/emulsifying disc, ideal for creams, mayonnaise and sauces. It has a powerful 600W motor, 4 speed settings including high, low, pulse and ice crush and it has dishwasher-safe removable parts.

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